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The Mario AR-Cade - Head of Staff

AR-Cade (MegaMarioFanatic) is our founder
and Head Writer for Mario-Time
"It's obvious that I have a serious Super Mario obsession"
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Wild- Blogger
His articles are very different from
 anything you could possibly read anywhere else.
His posts are Wild (old joke)!
A Well known member of The Mario amino community
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Darth Wario- Contributor

 Sharing thoughts and opinions,
sharing the love of the world of Super Mario.
A Well known Member of the Mario amino community.

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Dalton Beckham- Contributor

Part Time Contributor ,Giving opinions and helping where needed.
 Finding pictures and content that's currently relevant.
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Galacta Knight-Contributor

Blogger- Writing content for the team
A brave warrior. Well, A Winged Warrior of Mario 
Amino anyways. He's a great writer with uniqe ideas.
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Moon Girl- Artist
, when there's an article, review or something else
that requires artwork here on Mario-Time; She'll get it done.
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Exploding Emerald-Social Media Manager

Runs our Instagram and our Twitter accounts,
A necessity for us as a blog


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Emerald, Dalton Beckham

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Their Job are very important. When others are busy making posts
and trying to make interesting content. Their the ones finding the images and
facts to make their articles and videos pop.