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If for any reason you desire to message us directly, you can send us a message on Facebook  or Email us directly at: ( 

We only want to make Mario-Time better, if you have suggestions💬 or thoughts💭 then please feel free to send us a message. If for other reasons such as hate😞mail, you will be blocked and reported.😠If you have news to submit or content you'd like us to share, that's also a great reason to message us 😁. Finally if you wish to join our team, please send a basic application such as:

Name, Age, What area of Super Mario content you specialize in, and what you'd like to do for us; to my (AR-Cade's) email. Keep in mind that none of us get paid and we do this because we love the universe of Super Mario.  Thank you for your support, have a super day.


About Us:

We here at Mario-Time are dedicated to sharing the amazing universe of Super Mario, though we mainly stick to the main series (or what is considered canon). Super Mario is a passion of ours, when we find news or entertaining content relating to Super Mario it's our obligation to share such findings here on Mario-Time. Our founder (The Mario AR-Cade) has been blogging on video game news for around seven years. He's a super fan and will not rest until Mario-Time is a blogging team od Super Mario Super Fans. In 2016 we grew considerably, with news AND content and more bloggers to find and share such things. Remember, Mario-Time all the time! 

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