Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mario News Recap. Mar10 Day cheering up kids, Mario Run coming to Andriod in 3 Days

Hey Fellow Mario Fanatics, it'sa-me The Mario AR-Cade; bringing you Mario based news once again. Miss me? Course you did. anyways, let'sa go!!

Android officially says that Super Mario Run is coming in three days, which means it will be out on 3/23/17 on the West Coast (probably everywhere). With three days left to go Nintendo is tweeting (as shown below) that new Yoshi colors will be added to the game on it's Android release date, while we actually hope for new characters rather than just new skins, this is better than nothing. So be expecting this on March 23rd. I've read that there is a new level that you get in the free edition of the game now, also, but I can't confirm this. Here's the link to that info.

In other news, Nintendo's Press room announced for Mar10 Day (March 10th) that they replaced gowns of  Starlight children's Foundation with bright and colorful Mario character covered gowns. Not only is this very sweet, but it may be inspiring hope in their lives with some of their favorite characters in their time of need.

"REDMOND, Wash., March 9, 2017 – Every year, MAR10 Day (March 10, Mar. 10, MAR10 … get it?) is about two things: Mario and his many awesome fans. This year’s big day is no exception. To celebrate MAR10 Day, Nintendo encourages people of all ages to enjoy a host of heartfelt and joyous activities to honor one of the most iconic video game characters of all time (and one who has kept overalls in style for more than 30 years).
To kick off the celebration, Nintendo is working with Starlight Children’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization that brightens the lives of seriously ill children by providing hospitalized kids with entertainment, education and innovative technology. Nintendo will be providing new designs for the foundation’s Starlight Brave Gowns, which help sick kids feel like superstars by replacing unattractive, uncomfortable and embarrassing hospital garments with comfortable and brightly colored gowns. Featuring characters from the Mushroom Kingdom"~Nintendo's PR site

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