Monday, January 16, 2017

An In-Depth look at Super Mario Odyssey by: AR-Cade and Temmanuel

Hey Fellow Mario Fanatics!

One thing we forgot to look into was the fact that Mario is not on the home world of The Mushroom Kingdom anymore.. Does this mean he's traveled to another world through space? Or could this be another alternate dimension, considering that the Mushroom Kingdom could be called another dimension to earth (possibly). I don't want to over-think it, but I do want to understand it's story more. How'd he get to this new planet exactly? We may not know until the game is released, but I think that Rosalina may be involved here. The game is practically a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy. It's the rightful continuation in the 3D Super Mario game series, which 3D World didn't completely provide,  unarguably.
 Here's our article, I hope you find you can agree with our findings. Thanks for reading, and Remember; Mario-Time all the time!

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