Tuesday, January 3, 2017

MK8 Switch Port LEAKED!? Battle Mode is back?

The supposed Leaked box art image

Nintendo Switch Boxart Leaks Reveal New Mario Kart Info!

Hello fellow Mario Fanatics, Kookie here with Mario-Time! Recently, the boxart for Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Mario Kart 8 on the Switch have been leaked. Let's get right into the new Mario Kart news, shall we?
First off, let's analyze whether or not these leaks are real. The Australian website for EB Games retail supposedly leaked Nintendo Switch details accidentally for a short time. According to the leak sources, the information has been deleted, but there are still screenshots:

Now, the first thing most of you will notice is the console's $999 price tag. Don't worry, this is most likely a placeholder. Now, take a look at the Mario Kart box art. It appears this game is a remake of Mario Kart 8, with 10 new characters, 24 new tracks, and an all new battle mode, as shown on the package.

10 new racers is quite a lot. That should bring our total up to 40... Or would it be 46, counting DLC? Well, we can tell that DLC is likely returning, and will be available without an extra purchase. In the first trailer for the Switch, Mario is shown racing King Boo on Yoshi Circuit, a track that is only currently available as part of a downloadable bundle.

Speaking of King Boo, he should automatically take up one of our 10 character slots, since he did not appear in the Wii U version of Mario Kart 8. Now we're left with 9 more slots. If the DLC characters are counted as newcomers for The Switch edition, they would take up another 6 slots. But I highly doubt this is the case. We are most likely looking at 10 entirely new racers here.

Then we have 24 all new tracks, that's a fair amount of  new content for a port, we may wish it was a new Mario Kart game all together, but this does give us a practically new game. Besides all that goodness, the beloved Battle Mode is making a comeback. Possibly/probably due to popular demand. These Leaks seem legit, please leave your thoughts in the comments, EB Games really messed up with this accidental info release. Wonder what's going to happen next, stay tuned for updates.

Welp, RIP EB Games. pic.twitter.com/KIZwsdt5vM
— Bites Za Vitality (@vitalitysensor) January 2, 2017

That's all for now, Remember Mario-Time all the time!

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  1. Mm. That's been confirmed as a hoax