Monday, December 26, 2016

New Japanese Mario Happy Meal Toys

Hey Fellow Mario Fanatics. A new Mario McDonalds toy line is heading to McDonalds of Japan. Great 😒We in the Americas are once again not getting the new Mario Toys unless we eBay it. One thing though..
What is up with the Mario sitting on a block like throne and waving like that!? It's creepy looking, right? Am I not the only one that finds that a little creepy? The Star Powered Mario and Luigi popping out a pipe makes more sense. But Mario waving on a block throne.. Yeah. Anyways. Most of these new toys look pretty great in this very HAPPY themed commercial. Another thing I noticed is that the Japan Mario kids meals commercials always seem to be inside a McDonalds building. At least this and the last one was.. That's all for now. Remember, Mario-Time All The Time!

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