Monday, December 26, 2016

Mario brings Big Surprises on Flight #2482

As they cruised past 10,000 feet in the air, the voice of Nintendo’s iconic Mario announced a big early-holiday surprise for all the passengers. Quickly all were presented with a free New Nintendo 3DS XL system to take home, along with a voucher to download the recently launched Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS game for free from Nintendo eShop.
Nintendo reps helped the passengers play and create side-scrolling 2D Mario courses on the portable system, which make great travel companions during the busy holiday travel season. Among those lucky passengers offering in-flight game tips was iJustine, a Nintendo fan and YouTube celebrity whose followers measure in the millions. And once the flight landed in Los Angeles, Mario himself was waiting to welcome them at the gate."~ (Nintendo PR) 
It's been a  while since this happened. this all happened December 16th (sorry we're late... Like.. VERY LATE😞) SouthWest Airlines was surprised by Mario (mascot) and Nintendo. Giving everyone New 3DS XL consoles and the ability to download Super Mario Maker for 3DS.. FREE 😲!! I know, I can't believe it either. From the images I saw.. It's amazing they gave away so many handheld games for free. Not to mention they were given tips by a pro YouTuber (iJustine) on making courses right there when they got them.. So it seems.

Here's her video:
Too bad I'm (AR-Cade) scared of heights, Actually I was mostly surprised that people weren't MORE excited regarding this. I mean, when they got their consoles. But.. Did she announce they were getting Super Mario Maker too!? I didn';t hear her say that. The ending was so worth watching. iJustine actually geeked out when she met Mario. Awesome. That's all for now. Remember,
 Mario-Time All the time!

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