Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Miyamoto's Birthday

Miyamoto turns 64 Today, his contribution to video games will always be one of the greatest. Today he's known for Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Star Fox and more. In this post we wish to say Happy Birthday to him. And thank him for Super Mario. If he's reading this, we're sincerely greatful for the years of fun his games have provided us with. And Thank you to Nintendo for publishing the games as well. But honestly, it wouldn't be the same without you Miyamoto.

Darth Wario~" Happy 64th Birthday Miyamoto! Ever since my childhood you have inspired me with your creative characters and your fantastic games. One day I wish to bring just as much happiness into the world as you have. Thank you."

AR-Cade~ "Happy Birthday to the man who made a legendary video game icon. Thank you. Mario's awesome and he's made many people have fun together and alone. Mario wouldn't be here without ya. Happy Birthday!"

Wild~"Thanks for the childhood Miyamoto!"

Dalton-"First of all, Happy Birthday Miyamoto! I'm so happy! I hereby claim this day "THE BEST" But who didn't already label this day the best? And it's so cool that it's his 64th Birthday, considering the console that Nintendo made of the same name. Happy Birthday to anyone who has a birthday today. But.. Mainly Miyamoto 😐"

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