Monday, November 30, 2015

TV special

Here We Go!!
Mario Kart 8 is on TV (Real TV, not Mario Kart Television) this weekend. On December 5th an hour long Mario Kart 8 contest show will be out on Disney XD. It's called  "Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8" it features gamers pairing up with YouTube celebrities to compete in (you guessed it) Mario Kart. Andre (Black Nerd Comedy) is going to be one of the participants of this competition. I've found the listing for this TV Special on  TV Guide's listings to confirm this show will be on December 5th at 8pm  EST. And it is. I know what I'm watching this Saturday.

MarioMonday (11-30-15)

Here We Go!! Happy MarioMonday!

Thanksgiving is now over, feeling thankful? I am, I got a brand new watch today.

Anyways, lets move on to Some Super Mario facts:
Fact 1# Mario got his name from Nintendo of America's ol' landlord and the original game Donkey Kong would've been Popeye without Miyamoto.
Fact 2# Super Mario Kart wasn't originally going to be Mario Kart until the team got together and wound up drawing Mario in the drivers seat, thank goodness for that.
Fact 3# NSMB Wii is technically the fourth SMB game, NSMB on DS doesn't follow the same path but uses basically the same story line. New Super Mario bros 2 is the first portable Mario bros game that features multiplayer in the story mode.

Name a power up from Super Mario bros that hasn't been in more than one Super Mario game.

. Today we're going to try something different, we're going to have a contest between two submitted courses. That's right, we'll pick two courses we want to feature and we'll have a voting for the winner. Here's the nominees:

Friday, November 27, 2015

RJ Mario Time Piece

Here We Go!!

Romain Jerome  apparently has made quite a few video game inspired watches, Tetris, Space invaders, Pac-Man and now... Super Mario bros. Why now? Well, most likely because Mario's 30th anniversary was this year, however it could just be that they love video games. The slogan of RJ is "DNA of Famous Legends" So perhaps they view famous games as legendary, and Mario is legendary so... On Instagram they shared a pixelated brick teasing the fact that they will be making this new watch saying "What can it be?" only two hours ago. Other than the confirmation that the product is being made, the actual pictures of the watch come from our SOURCE and it it'self doesn't have a source for the images as far as I can see. Other than that it looks like this watch will be made and costs a whopping 18-19K or so. The neat fact is that this watch has only 85 pieces due to the game being made in 1985. The Watch looks beautiful, but way out of my price range. I got my Mario watch on sale for a little over five bucks and I'm happy.
(Source) (

Worth the wait

Here We Go!!
Happy Black Friday! Nintendo released pictures of Mario during Thanksgiving and before as promotion for their new Black Friday deals on the eShop and in select retailers. Those pictures all featured Mario waiting for Black Friday deals, looking them up in magazines and waiting outside in line overnight with a blanket (my personal favorite). These were shared over Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter as well. Looks like all the images were taken in and around The Nintendo World Store.
The latest picture of Mario

Remixing Mario

Here We Go!!

A new course has been released for Super Mario Maker today themed off of NES Remix, upon beating it you'll be rewarded with a Frog Mario costume, perfect for use in the SMB3 theme. Except you can't use the costumes in any other theme than SMB 1.

"A new Event Course based on NES Remix is now available in Super Mario Maker!
You get this awesome Frog Mario costume if you complete it!"~Super Mario Facebook
 You can download and keep this course on your console or just beat it as it is. Why was this course released today? I have no idea. But I'm happy to get a new costume for Mario.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fan Favorites

Here We Go!!

New Fan Faves sweepstakes for Wii U and 3DS, I'm voting for Mario games.

Miiverse Fan Faves Sweepstakes – What do you think were the best Nintendo games of 2015? Make your voice heard and earn a chance to win some cool prizes by entering the Fan Faves Sweepstakes. Head to the Miiverse Fan Faves 2015 community from Dec. 1 to Dec. 3 to vote for Nintendo 3DS games and from Dec. 4 to Dec. 6 for Wii U games. Good luck!
~Nintendo Press Room

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Modern 8-bit Mario

Here We Go!!
The Modern 8-Bit Mario (as you should know already) is exclusive to Walmart and will be released tomorrow... On Thanksgiving... Who decided this should happen, you might be asking. We have no idea, but we're thinking the same thing you are. "Walmart was dumb to put out an exclusive amiibo on Thanksgiving. It'll be much harder to get one during Black Friday shopping time, and it'd be crazy to go out tomorrow night at 6pm on Thanksgiving and that's what I'd have to do.If I don't I won't get the amiibo and I'll have to buy it it at outrageous prices on eBay."

Paper Jam Pre-Order Bonus

Here We Go!!

For those who don't know yet, the Paper Jam Game pre-orders from GameStop come with paper craft characters featured in the game. Mario, Luigi, Goomba and Yoshi. Those who order online will get the items shipped to them with the game, those who order in-store will get them when the game becomes available.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

GameStop Deals!

Here We Go!!

$4.99 for your purchase today of an awesome 8-bit style Mario & Luigi digital watch from  GameStop online. This watch was originally priced at $14.99, you get it at 66% off it's normal price. Most of GameStop's digital watches are in fact listed at this deal currently online, including a Yoshi watch. Apparently some are getting these watches on sale in store, including the Mario Group LED watch, but that watch isn't on sale online at this time. Surprising but, these deals are all that their digital store offers right now...      (Source)

Mario Maker is on FIRE!!

Here We Go!!
Course ID: B4B4-0000-00ED-0E97 ]
Bullfroggy on Reddit discovered a way to stack multiple fire bars in one spot, however they seem to be forced to move, due to them being on a track. So far I've seen at least four Fire Bars rotating in perfect unison, but I've heard that five or more is also possible. Six sounds daunting, but could very well happen. What Bullfroggy did was place fire bars on tracks with no end to make them fall together on a track that has ends, the following is how he explained it.
"In order to accomplish this, simply make a stack of 2 or 3 single-segment tracks which each drop a fire bar onto yet another track segment. You can angle the bars how you see fit so the applications are quite limitless!"
 Some have complained a bit on this being extremely difficult to handle, but he had to have beaten the level he uploaded so it must be possible... Somehow...

Monday, November 23, 2015

Dear, Mario. I've remade my castle in Minecraft...

Here We Go!!

Don't be absurd, Nintendo would never copy Minecraft. No, this is someones fan build of Peach's castle from Super Mario 64 using the popular game Minecraft. Someone went and completely reconstructed the castle, including the surrounding area outside. These guys were serious Super Mario fans to dedicate the time to even making each individual room and location in the Castle. But I see they've admitted in the comments on Reddit to having a little help from an online map creator program... Hmmmmm.

MarioMonday 11-23-15

Here We Go!!
Happy Mario Monday! OK, so Christmas is coming up, but this week is Thanksgiving so lets take the time to remember all that we have to be thankful for. Lets remember all of the Mario games we've been able to experience and all of the Mario games we plan on experiencing. there's no game quite like your first Mario game.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Yoshi's Universe

Here We Go!!

OK, So it seems people may be over thinking things here, I'll just pop in to set the record straight.
Yoshi Games (Yoshi's Woolly World and previous) are spin-off games, so therefore they wouldn't have to take place in the same dimension as the Super Mario Franchise (main-series, SMB [1] through Super Mario 3D World). So, in an interview producer of Woolly World: Takashi Tezuka answered the question "Is Yoshi's yarn universe a parallel world to the Mushroom Kingdom, or did something happen to the Mushroom Kingdom to make it look like that?" saying:

UK Gives out free Mario Tennis game for Ultra Smash downloads

Here We Go!!

ONLY IN THE UK (of Course), when you download Ultra Smash on the Wii U console you get Mario Tennis for N64 virtual Console free. This promotion is running until December 17th, Buy one game and get an older one FREE!? Awesome, except it's only for the UK.
UPDATE: "I've been informed that this promotion is also happening in Australia by a resident of the country. Stay tuned for updates. 

64, 11 & 25 Wowsa!

Here We Go!!

Super Mario 64 for the DS was released 11 years ago today, of course we all know now that Super Mario World turns 25 today, as well as the SNES console. But amiibo turns 1 today, as well as SSB4. Now, Super Mario 64 for the DS turns eleven. This DS game was released in 2004, it was a remake of the original Super Mario 64 game, having upgraded graphics and additional characters than before. Truly it's worth playing through, because it made the classic 3D game (the first 3D Mario game) portable.

Happy Anniversary Super Mario World

Here We Go!!

Today we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Super Mario World, Super Mario World was released in Japan on November 21st 1990. This game was my first Mario game. I beat it from beginning to end in September (2015) and thoroughly enjoyed it. This tribute picture was made on November 11th as a tribute to the game on Dribbble by Scott Balmer.

Today is also the 25th anniversary of the Super Nintendo Console being released in Japan around the same time as the Super Mario World game. Fun-Facts, The Super Nintendo had other names, it was the Super Famicom in Japan and the Super Comboy in Korea

Friday, November 20, 2015

Walgreens exclusives, we're not joking

Here We Go!!
These Exclusive Mario figures from the World of Nintendo Line just appeared today on Reddit. Two figures, in fact, a Black and White 8-Bit Mario and an
8-Bit Star Powered Mario World of Nintendo Figure. Reportedly their both being sold at (Nobody would've guessed it) Walgreens. Both versions of Mario make me personally feel nostalgic, mostly because of their 8-Bit looks and retro feel. Judging by the reflective-ness of the star Powered Mario, he must have a reflective coating on him to look like he's glowing from when he gets a star in the old game. Still, it's amazing that these would be found at Walgreens.

NOA on eBay

Here We Go!!

Yes, Nintendo of America is now on eBay with their own eBay store!! There you can buy store priced Mario games/products and refurbished reduced priced things as well. The game shown on the left of this article (Super Mario 3D World) is refurbished and being sold for thirty dollars with free shipping.
It seems that all of the items Nintendo of America listed on eBay have FREE shipping, this is great for those of us who can't afford to go out and buy the latest products. This happening is a bit ironic, because we just recently started selling Super Mario collectibles on eBay ourselves. Feel free to check that out as well.
Sources: One, Two

BIG Toys R US Sale

Here We Go!!
Today (11-20-15) and tomarrow only, go to Toys R US to buy one Wii U game and get another for 40% off! Yes, you could buy SSB for Wii U at full price and then get Super Mario Maker for 40% off! This is a huge deal, but hurry and call up the closest Toys R US in to you to see how many they have left of the games you want because this only lasts today and tomorrow! All Wii U and 3DS games are buy one & get one 40% off, hurry while supplies last.

UK, Super Mario Maker & amiibo

Here We Go!!

While this news pertains solely to the UK, it's neat to know this anywhere you are in the world.

The official Nintendo UK online Store has a quiz going on, where you have to guess just how many amiibo work with Super Mario Maker. (I shouldn't tell you, but I will, choose over 50) Then you most likely enter a drawing from there, and the winner will receive the FULL RANGE of amiibo so far. YES, Super Mario will help you get amiibo over in the UK. Sad for those of us who live other places and don't get this contest, but oh well.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Photos With Mario Cards

Here We Go!!

Nintendo's shared additional news today (11-19-15) about the Photos With Mario app getting new cards in select retailers soon/fall (we're in fall). So keep an eye out for the following cards,
*Bowser, Koopa Troopa, and Luigi cards coming this fall to select retailers.

Big news about limited time Mario ornaments and Snow Globe

Here We Go!!

Okie, Dokie so... Those GameStop exclusive Ornaments and the 30th Anniversary Snow Globe are available right now for ordering on GameStop's website, no waiting until Black Friday required. Mama-Mia, that's big news! These are being sold on eBay for over twenty dollars a piece and you can get em all together for a little over twenty six dollars on GameStop. GO, now!


Here We Go!!

It's-a-me! AR-Cade, bringing you the latest news on Super Mario yet again. OK, so Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is coming out tomorrow (11-20-15) Are you planning on buying it? I've heard the reviews, I know people are saying it's pretty empty and lacking. But it's main purpose is to be a Tennis game, not much more than that. However, because it's a Mario game, they've added power ups, ultra smashes and amiibo functionality. With amiibo you can play with amiibo figures on the tennis court. Keep in mind, although this game is pretty empty, Super Mario Maker and Mario Kart 8 both had updates and DLC out this year so it's very possible Nintendo will add to this game next year.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SEGA insults Mario

Here We Go!!
Yeah, you read that right. SEGA on Sonic's Social accounts have basically declared war. Well... Sort of...

The picture above can be found on Sonic's Facebook page where they've asked who has the better looking mustache out of the two, Eggman or Mario. (of course I voted Mario, as would any sensible person) But then in the comments of the post Sonic's page said "We may have started something on Twitter." Then they shared the following image with their comment;

From the looks of things Nintendo was trying to support SEGA with their post and tried their hardest, although the humor is lacking a bit, they tried. Then SEGA came back at Nintendo humorously claiming that Mario needs to pay more attention to the Princess's location than his mustache. Seems, they didn't put much thought into what they wrote, if they had they probably  wouldn't have made such a harsh comment towards Nintendo's 1# video game franchise beloved by millions. It really was quite odd how they'd do this especially after Mario's 30th anniversary.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Mario Ornaments, Spotted in the wild

Here We Go!!
The ornaments and the snow globe have been spotted in the wild yet again, this post on Facebook told us to check our local GameStop. I called the one closest to my location and there's nothing of the kind in their inventory or coming this week, so AGAIN, it seems we personally have no way to confirm anything but these ornaments are indeed out at some GameStop stores. 

Mario-Time-News: Bad-Paint-Job

Mario-Time-News: Bad-Paint-Job: Here We Go!! The internet went up like a wildfire, sharing and talking about this new discovery, somebody tweeted about a horribly painted ...


Here We Go!!
The internet went up like a wildfire, sharing and talking about this new discovery, somebody tweeted about a horribly painted Mario Kart themed car being parked up in front of their house today          (11-16-15). This was both shocking and horrifying, practically none of the paintings are proportionate either. Although we have to feel bad for the artist, we're not above sharing this atrocity.

MarioMonday 11-16-15

Happy MarioMonday !
Here We Go!!
We asked the general public to submit their Super Mario Maker Courses on Facebook for a chance to get featured on our MarioMonday posts. Well, this is our first winner, John and his level "Nice Try 2.0". This level is full of twists and turns that may make you cry your eyes out, but when you get to the goal zone you feel like you've accomplished something because it took an effort and it was fun.
It slightly feels like a puzzle game but trying to figure out how to get to the end of the level is part of the fun of this level. Enjoy, [ Course ID: 1DAE-0000-0045-B283 ]. There will be another featured course next MarioMonday so start submitting your courses to our Facebook page.

Today's Mario fact:
Mario once cameo'd in Tetris. Oddly enough Tetris had some form of Cut-scenes featuring Super Mario, must've been because his popularity was growing at the time.

Caption This:
We asked the general public to submit comments on the following picture, this is ours:
"That moment when you think you're the best and someone comes in and does it way better than you."
Here's what they came up with:

  1. Nicole:     "The crown is mine!"
  2. Jonathan: "where will you be when diarrhea strikes?"
  3. Ben:         "That's for the death stare!"
Next week there will be a new MarioMonday Quiz for Diehard Super Mario fans 

Friday, November 13, 2015

GameStop's Mario ornaments released early!?

Here We Go!!

OK, OK, First of all; False alarm. Apparently, some people have been buying the same ornaments said to be coming to GameStop stores on Black Friday from the Nintendo World Store in New York
The images shown below are from one of the ornament buyers that shared on Facebook. Also, there's said to still be lots of them there so if you live close by to the store you may want to stop in and pick some/all of them up while you can.
Isn't it beautiful!? 

 We of course cannot confirm any of these findings to be true, we've sent a message to the Nintendo World store without a reply as of yet, we will updated this post if and when we get one.

Nintendo Announces all the Black Friday deals DIRECTLY from them

Here We Go!!
Mario's favorite store
"Walmart and Amazon will offer the original Nintendo 3DS XL system with a download code for the mega-hit game Super Mario 3D Land game for a suggested retail price of $129.99."
Remember when we reported on the Nintendo Direct announcement of upcoming 3DS XL bundle deals? Well today (11-13-15) Nintendo's announced that deal and more on their press room website.
Walmart and Amazon will be selling the 3DS XL with a download code of Super Mario 3D Land for $129.99. Then they'll also be offering the New 3DS XL system at major retail stores (not listed) for $20 off the price of $199.99.
"If you prefer the flagship New Nintendo 3DS XL, you can save $20 off the suggested retail price of $199.99 at major retail stores. Additionally, starting Nov. 25, the Nintendo eShop will be offering up to 50 percent discounts on select downloadable games. More great savings will be available at various retailers."
Aside from the deals on consoles, November 25th will feature 50% off select games on the eShop, you can bet at least one Super Mario game will be on that list.
“Fun is more affordable than ever. Whether you’re a Nintendo fan or shopping for one this holiday season, these excellent deals provide fun game experiences for the whole family,” said Scott Moffitt~Nintendo PR
I swear I would sleep overnight in the Mario section of The Nintendo World Store if I could.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nintendo Announced BF DEALS

Here We Go!!

During today's Nintendo Direct, Reggie announced that we should be on the lookout for special Nintendo deals during this year's Black Friday. Specifically price drops on 3DS XL consoles. But the images shown in the Direct was of a 3DS XL bundle featuring Super Mario 3D Land. (Source)

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam functionality

Here We Go!!

Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi game series's are both interesting RPG games, but combined they look awesome! Now we know (thanks to today's Nintendo Direct), that the game now supports amiibo figures. In fights you can use virtual cards for powerful moves and more, using amiibo gives you cards that represent older entries in the Super Mario franchise. This game just keeps looking more interesting. (Source)

Super Mario Maker Course search engine

Here We Go!!

Finally, what you've been waiting for has arrived, well it will arrive in December 2015 but it will arrive this year, just next month in fact. Although it's not exactly what we wanted...
Nintendo will release an online search engine for Super Mario Maker, this allows you to better determine what courses you actually want to play by looking into the details in all playable courses for elements you want in a course.

Then you can save that course using your profile to play later on your Wii U console. However this doesn't let you search and find specific course IDs others have shared online. (Source)

Walmart Black Friday ad

Here We Go!!
So far the Black Friday ads from Target and GameStop have both been leaked only days apart from one another, GameStop is selling Super Mario themed ornaments and a 30th anniversary Super Mario Maker Snow Globe, MK7 and NSMB2 will be only fifteen dollars at Target and now we have Walmart, not too many deals but if you look closely at the ad above you'll see that the amiibo in the corner is non other than the Modern color 30th anniversary Super Mario amiibo figure. Also there's a tag saying the words I dread "Only at Walmart." So it seems that this amiibo will be out at 6pm on November 26th for Black Friday but on Thanksgiving. "While Supplies last" Remember, not every store got the classic color Mario amiibo, this means not every Walmart may get this amiibo, so call ahead to your local Walmart store if you can, preferably the day before release to see if they'll be getting any in.

My local Walmart doesn't even know what an amiibo is...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rumor: Target Black Friday ad

Here We Go!!

Get Mario Kart 7 and NSMB2 (New Super Mario Bros 2) from Target for fifteen dollars each this Black Friday according to leaked ads. Because this ad is leaked and cannot be confirmed, we must treat this as a rumor until it can. (Source)

Badge arcade confirmation

Here We Go!!

Nintendo Badge collection has officially been released for the Nintendo 3DS in the US today, the Crane games are called Badge Catchers. You can subscribe to the Arcade's newsletter in your notifications after you make it through the demo. With the newsletter will eventually come more FREE plays. Otherwise they give you the first five plays free and give you SMB badges that (if you win any, and you will) you can use to decorate your home menu and your folders, then you can rearrange things to fit the new look of the badges being displayed and you're capable of rearranging the badges any time you choose, as well as place them on your screen anytime you choose.
Here's badges on your home menu

Here's a badge on a folder

Cat Costumes

Here We Go!!

Nintendo has added two new event courses to Super Mario Maker "Cat Mario's Course" & "Cat Peach's Course". If you play and beat these courses you will add to your ever-growing collection of costumes. You'll get the corresponding costume to the course you beat. Cat Mario for Mario's course and Cat Peach for Peach's course. Although Nintendo of Japan made the videos showing off the costumes in action, the event courses should pop upas a notification today on your Super Mario Maker game. Have fun!