Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SEGA insults Mario

Here We Go!!
Yeah, you read that right. SEGA on Sonic's Social accounts have basically declared war. Well... Sort of...

The picture above can be found on Sonic's Facebook page where they've asked who has the better looking mustache out of the two, Eggman or Mario. (of course I voted Mario, as would any sensible person) But then in the comments of the post Sonic's page said "We may have started something on Twitter." Then they shared the following image with their comment;

From the looks of things Nintendo was trying to support SEGA with their post and tried their hardest, although the humor is lacking a bit, they tried. Then SEGA came back at Nintendo humorously claiming that Mario needs to pay more attention to the Princess's location than his mustache. Seems, they didn't put much thought into what they wrote, if they had they probably  wouldn't have made such a harsh comment towards Nintendo's 1# video game franchise beloved by millions. It really was quite odd how they'd do this especially after Mario's 30th anniversary.

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