Monday, November 16, 2015

MarioMonday 11-16-15

Happy MarioMonday !
Here We Go!!
We asked the general public to submit their Super Mario Maker Courses on Facebook for a chance to get featured on our MarioMonday posts. Well, this is our first winner, John and his level "Nice Try 2.0". This level is full of twists and turns that may make you cry your eyes out, but when you get to the goal zone you feel like you've accomplished something because it took an effort and it was fun.
It slightly feels like a puzzle game but trying to figure out how to get to the end of the level is part of the fun of this level. Enjoy, [ Course ID: 1DAE-0000-0045-B283 ]. There will be another featured course next MarioMonday so start submitting your courses to our Facebook page.

Today's Mario fact:
Mario once cameo'd in Tetris. Oddly enough Tetris had some form of Cut-scenes featuring Super Mario, must've been because his popularity was growing at the time.

Caption This:
We asked the general public to submit comments on the following picture, this is ours:
"That moment when you think you're the best and someone comes in and does it way better than you."
Here's what they came up with:

  1. Nicole:     "The crown is mine!"
  2. Jonathan: "where will you be when diarrhea strikes?"
  3. Ben:         "That's for the death stare!"
Next week there will be a new MarioMonday Quiz for Diehard Super Mario fans 

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