Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mario Maker is on FIRE!!

Here We Go!!
Course ID: B4B4-0000-00ED-0E97 ]
Bullfroggy on Reddit discovered a way to stack multiple fire bars in one spot, however they seem to be forced to move, due to them being on a track. So far I've seen at least four Fire Bars rotating in perfect unison, but I've heard that five or more is also possible. Six sounds daunting, but could very well happen. What Bullfroggy did was place fire bars on tracks with no end to make them fall together on a track that has ends, the following is how he explained it.
"In order to accomplish this, simply make a stack of 2 or 3 single-segment tracks which each drop a fire bar onto yet another track segment. You can angle the bars how you see fit so the applications are quite limitless!"
 Some have complained a bit on this being extremely difficult to handle, but he had to have beaten the level he uploaded so it must be possible... Somehow...

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