Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nintendo Badge ARCADE

Nintendo is releasing a 3DS app that hasn't ever left Japan before, in Europe. So this app allows you to customize your 3DS home screen using Nintendo character themed Badges from games like Animal Crossing, Zelda and of course Super Mario. You win Badges by playing old school ARCADE games and then you can decorate the Home Menu, placing them in the order their supposed to be placed or even in your own unique way. Best part, the app is free to download, you'll get to test your skills and win badges once per day for free, for further badge collecting we don't yet know the pricing. The app is free to download and features many mini games to collect Nintendo themed badges, sounds like fun, only problem is it's still not available in the US. Perhaps it'll be announced for the US in the upcoming Nintendo Direct video, Thursday November 12th 2015. Source

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