Thursday, November 12, 2015

Walmart Black Friday ad

Here We Go!!
So far the Black Friday ads from Target and GameStop have both been leaked only days apart from one another, GameStop is selling Super Mario themed ornaments and a 30th anniversary Super Mario Maker Snow Globe, MK7 and NSMB2 will be only fifteen dollars at Target and now we have Walmart, not too many deals but if you look closely at the ad above you'll see that the amiibo in the corner is non other than the Modern color 30th anniversary Super Mario amiibo figure. Also there's a tag saying the words I dread "Only at Walmart." So it seems that this amiibo will be out at 6pm on November 26th for Black Friday but on Thanksgiving. "While Supplies last" Remember, not every store got the classic color Mario amiibo, this means not every Walmart may get this amiibo, so call ahead to your local Walmart store if you can, preferably the day before release to see if they'll be getting any in.

My local Walmart doesn't even know what an amiibo is...

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