Monday, November 30, 2015

MarioMonday (11-30-15)

Here We Go!! Happy MarioMonday!

Thanksgiving is now over, feeling thankful? I am, I got a brand new watch today.

Anyways, lets move on to Some Super Mario facts:
Fact 1# Mario got his name from Nintendo of America's ol' landlord and the original game Donkey Kong would've been Popeye without Miyamoto.
Fact 2# Super Mario Kart wasn't originally going to be Mario Kart until the team got together and wound up drawing Mario in the drivers seat, thank goodness for that.
Fact 3# NSMB Wii is technically the fourth SMB game, NSMB on DS doesn't follow the same path but uses basically the same story line. New Super Mario bros 2 is the first portable Mario bros game that features multiplayer in the story mode.

Name a power up from Super Mario bros that hasn't been in more than one Super Mario game.

. Today we're going to try something different, we're going to have a contest between two submitted courses. That's right, we'll pick two courses we want to feature and we'll have a voting for the winner. Here's the nominees:
Now play the courses and vote below for your favorite of the two:

VOTE for your favorite

Course 1
Course 2
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