Monday, November 23, 2015

MarioMonday 11-23-15

Here We Go!!
Happy Mario Monday! OK, so Christmas is coming up, but this week is Thanksgiving so lets take the time to remember all that we have to be thankful for. Lets remember all of the Mario games we've been able to experience and all of the Mario games we plan on experiencing. there's no game quite like your first Mario game.

Today's Featured course:

AstrNinja's "Figure Out The Order"
This course is a lot like last week's featured course but it's a bit harder, this one doesn't give you hints, you can't figure it out with basic directions, you have to be cleaver and think through every step in order to reach the Flagpole The Course ID is [ 168D-00000021-D26C ] I truly believe everyone will enjoy this course.

MTN Quiz:
Poll Maker
This week's quiz was pretty easy, next week's will be harder.

Our latest Reddit find, someone took the time to make an actual Yoshi out of Yarn and did a fantastic job IMO. They put a lot of time into it and it looks nearly authentic. See you next Mario Monday.

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