Monday, November 9, 2015

NES Donkey Kong Super Mario Maker remake

I was trying to figure out what retro game I should remake (retro games are easier to remake) then I started playing the NES classics version of the arcade hit Donkey Kong in my mind. I realized this was the one, so I set out to remake the game in Super Mario Maker (all three stages in one level).
there were limits to how much I could do, the theme I used was SMB3-underground. The Blue beams with clouds under them you can jump on top of, the blue beams with blocks under them you cannot. Places with beams that have nothing under them will fall when you land on them. Here's how you get a perfect score on my remake of NES-Donkey Kong.
Course ID 3657-0000-00E1-A3A0
Basic rules:
  1. Beat all three stages dressed as DK
  2. Collect all seven coins
  3. Destroy the final stage with only the door platform remaining

Stage one:

Stage one features the iconic climbing of ladders (Vines represent the ladders) and construction beams. Some ladders you cannot climb up but they will help avoid Spike Tops, Fireballs and Spinys (Spike Tops and Spinys represent barrels). This level is fairly simple and an extra DK costume can be located on the second story. This stage has one coin out of the seven you need to collect (they represent the items you used to have to pick up for Pauline.

Stage 2:

Stage two is loosely based off of the game (I made it from memory alone), But other than the fire bar everything in this stage comes close to accurate. Comparing it of course to the actual game. Basically the same goal as the first stage, get to the door at the top of the level, there are two coins to collect in this stage.

Stage 3:

On Stage three there are four coins and the goal is to break down the construction site while avoiding the fireballs. aside from that the platforms will take you with them when they fall so you have to jump back up to the clouds. A sound will signify you broke the beams and they will fall off the screen. Conclusion: Just like the game, DK will fall at the end of the game with the construction site.

An EXTREME mode will be released today that makes each stage a bit harder to complete. 

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