Monday, November 7, 2016

Super Mario Switch Speculations (Fan made opinion piece)

Super Mario Switch    
“The NXt Mario Game”

“Super Mario Switch. It’s the name given by the fans that do not know the actual name of the game as of yet. The very game that Mario fans everywhere have been speculating over. So why don’t we get in on the fun? We’re gonna go into detail, just like everyone else. But we realize you have a life so we’ll keep this opinion piece at a mere 9,002 pages long.

Yeah, okay, I’m just kidding. Without further ado, here’s our first in-depth analysis on Super Mario Switch (Tittle not final).”~ AR-Cade

You can see in Super Mario Switch, Mario’s back faces the camera most of the time. Unless of course you decided to change the camera’s viewpoint (not sure if you can yet, but you probably will be able to. Seeing as you can in 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and 3D World). It looks like this is the same in Super Mario 64. Although we have very little to go on, the game’s part of the trailer shows us Mario’s back is facing the camera yet again. In 3D World, It’s more of an overhead view for multiplayer action.

^Fighting capabilities of Super Mario 64^

AR-Cade~I believe that Nintendo will bring back the punching and kicking controls from Super Mario 64. This is only a prediction of course, but with them bringing back the triple jump and camera position.. I think it’s highly possible.”
feild .png
AR-Cade~Something we saw stood out to us in the images of the trailer for the new console; The stage/level (in the game shown) has some form of force field or airy type stuff surrounding it. Some say it's like ice. But I personally think it's more like a barrier. Almost like the hills that close you in on the stage Bob-omb Battlefield in Super Mario 64. Although we can’t confirm what it is exactly, that’s just what it looks like it is. It could just be some form of air, like wind gusts or cloudy sky in the distance, but it seems to wrap down to the bottom of the world. And there also seems to be some form of “OUTSIDE” area past the field. Perhaps (Only a theory) There’s a connection here to Super Mario Galaxy, it’d be nice if the game took place traveling from world to world in outer space like it did in the two previous Galaxy titles.

Dalton~ I sort of have the same idea as AR-Cade, but I think the clear force fields are actually ice, considering they have cold air surrounding them, and are almost everywhere in the 2nd area, but there is some in the 1st area shown, too.
I'd also like to point out that we see these purple crystal-like things in the first scene, which could represent currency of some sort.
Another thing we see in the first area, are these civilians, themed possibly for the day of the dead,and we see about 6 or 7 of them. Another thing I noticed were the doors, which look like you can enter them. One of the doors in this area Looks to be a hat shop, considering its name, which means Mario might have costumes or items.

Switch73DWjump-run smoke.png
AR-Cade~"The Sprint Dust from Super Mario 3D World & 3D Land is comparable to the dust when Mario jumps and runs in Super Mario Switch. This doesn’t (Yet) seem like a direct sequel to any Mario game in particular. Galaxy, Sunshine or other. But it does seem to be taking from past Mario games; in some ways. The sprint dust is one example of the comparisons. Then you take the camera angle from 64 and the triple jump too. Everything is telling me that this is going to be comparable to all past Mario Games. But there’s nothing quite yet telling me what it will actually be. However it does look like it takes place on a world Mario has never been to before.”

Darth Wario ~ "One thing we noticed when we saw the footage for the first time was the huge moon over the Mexican town area. Could this play a big role in the final game? Just think of it, this image by itself resembles all the three major 3D Mario games in some way. The triple-jump/long-jump from Super Mario 64 is finally back, the colorful village-like area strongly resembles the beautiful Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine and the big moon may be hinting towards the mysterious planets and galaxies from Super Mario Galaxy. Could Nintendo be teasing us with something that combines elements from all these various beloved 3D Mario titles?"

AR-Cade ~ “When I saw the triple jump, I was surprised, when I saw the moon out during the day I was intrigued. Many Mario fans saw the moon and instantly thought “It’s a new Galaxy Game!! Yahooo!” Well it could be a Galaxy sequel, but Nintendo’s always trying to do something new so I wouldn’t settle on the theory of it being another Galaxy sequel. I predict that the game will be an entirely new style of Mario game, just as Galaxy applied new elements that Sunshine didn’t have. And Darth, I agree with you. This resembles Isle Defino and 64. I think Nintendo’s taking from all its previous 3D Mario games to make this one perfect for the new console.”

Darth Wario ~ “When I first saw the preview I immediately thought Super Mario 3D World because of Mario’s “sprint dust” he had behind him. It was when I started analyzing the footage that I got more excited. In an interview with IGN at E3 2016, Shigeru Miyamoto stated the following - "We're always challenging ourselves to create something new, so hopefully you'll see a new kind of Mario in about a year or two". This means that the new title couldn’t simply be a 3D World sequel. But then again, that means it couldn’t be a new SM64, Sunshine or Galaxy either. That’s why a brand new formula would make the most sense while still keeping iconic and nostalgic elements from previous grand titles. Nintendo is known to change up the formula substantially when making something new, so the question is: will there be stars to collect, a flagpole to reach, or something completely different? What do you think AR-Cade?”

^They’re playing multiplayer on the same game, it looks like, because the lady originally playing by herself never stops to switch out the game before handing her friend one of the joycon controllers^

AR-Cade~ “I think Nintendo/Miyamoto might make it more like a standard 3D game where Mario travels through a location to find something like a star. Not saying that’s what he’s seeking. He’s previously sought after Shine Sprites as well. But this would be hard to do in some ways, The NS trailer alludes to the game being capable of local multiplayer. This means that in order to have multiplayer in a 3D environment, Both players would be on a split screen and have to reach; either the same goal or item. Or they’d both have separate items/goals to reach. I’m not entirely sure how this will work.”

TheWildYoshi~ “This could possibly be the third Super Mario Galaxy game. Like Darth said, just look at that moon!
Remember that ice we saw in the trailer? Well, what if those aren't actually ice chunks, but rather the crystals from Super Mario Galaxy! Since the Mexican inspired area appears to be connected to the platforming segment with bullet bills, perhaps this is just one of many new galaxies that this game has in store for us.”

AR-Cade~ “Well that’s about it for these speculations, For now we’ll have to wait and see if anything we’ve said here is true or not. But you can know for sure that if ANY of what we’ve predicted here is true, We’ll make a post bragging all about it. Remember Mario Fanatics, Mario-Time All the time!”

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