Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New GameStop Mario Ornaments

Hey Mario Fanatics! Our Source is BlackFriday.com, This was revealed to me just today. New Mario themed ornaments (Not the previously leaked Hallmark ones for 2017). These are out this year from GameStop. Their last batch of ornaments for 2015 were for the 30th anniversary of SMB. These however just seem to be based off of a standard Super Mario theme. Some of it seems to take strongly from a Mario Party style theme, Among the set of ornaments there's a stand alone Mario figure ornament. While he looks cool standing there with his arms up in the air, it (just TBH) looks pretty much like a homemade Mario figure ornament that people make sometimes. Just keeping it real here for a moment, they seem to be lacking in Christmas spirit. Not to say they're not good, and we'll probably still buy em.. However they do seem to have some room for improvement. A Mario fan not being that impressed is something to witness for sure. I'll still eventually buy them though. Because I'm obsessed. That's all for now; Remember Mario-Time all the time!


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