Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Super Mario Run has dropped in the charts _ Mario-Time's 200th Post

You will not believe this!!

Just a quick announcement before we start. This is officially the 200th post on Mario-Time! Thank you so much for sticking with us for all the latest Mario content! Anyway, lets-a-go!

Super Mario Run Is Losing Its Speed?!

  • Found and written by: The Happiest Kid
  • Edited By: The Mario AR-Cade 
Hey Mario Fanatics! We've got some breaking news about Super Mario Run sales! If you didn't know already Super Mario Run had an amazing start on the App Store with 40 million downloads in four days, which surpassed Pokémon Go's download record! From this; Super Mario Run got over 14 million dollars of App revenue resulting in this app being the top grossing app so far! Although, it looks like it's been overrun by our friend Supercell. Recently, Clash Royale took Super Mario Run's title and is now the new in the top spot of App revenue for Apple (Stats found here on appannie.com).

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