Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Super Nintendo World (Thoughts)

First thought: It's about time that Nintendo made a theme park, or at least got in one.

Hey Fellow Mario Fanatics, it's The Mario AR-Cade from Mario-Time.
By now everyone's probably heard about Nintendo's partnership with Universal Parks.
The first Super Nintendo World exhibit has been said to be coming to Japan first.. From the looks of things, All I see is Mario! No, I'm not being biased or anything, I just literally don't see anything else. Nintendo mentions Zelda I think, but all I can see is Mario. Don't get me wrong, that's fantastic. I just dunno how many other game series' will make it with this much Mario. The saddest part of all this is the only way I'd get to go see this is if I won some kinda contest because you know (yes you do) that this isn't gonna be cheap. In the video alone, they make a big coin SPIN! Just like it does in the game. Here, watch the video:
They're literally bringing Super Mario to reality for the first time ever!! Can this get any better!? I really like how Miyamoto himself is overseeing this project with Universal. Who better than the man who came up with the Mario universe to help with putting it in real life. 😁

Concerns, what concerns could I have?? I'll tell you. 
1. Is this too good to be true? OK OK, yes I see the spinning coin, the giant plastic items and blocks, it all looks awesome. But is this it? Is this all there is? Is the rest going to be virtual stuff? Like a ride, with video? Not to say that wouldn't be cool, but I wanna see more of these giant figures and stuff, I want a Mario obstacle course. I want a giant Mario game. Will it live up to the hype?
2. Who's gonna get to see it in person? Rich kids. Will there be any way for the more poor of us fanatics to see such an amazing place. I feel your pain.. *Insert crying child* 
3. Lastly, It's going to Japan first. Will every park look the same? Is this the best one and they're not giving it to us in the USA or other? Japan has been their testing ground since they started, cause that's home base for them, makes sense. I just want more over here!! Even the duds, give em to me when they flop, I'll give all the Mario stuff a good home. 

So what're your thoughts on this new dreamland Nintendo has constructed with (ironically) Universal Parks? Leave a comment and Remember, Mario-Time all the time!

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