Monday, January 16, 2017

Camilo's Mario Art

Camilo's aunt made this amazing sign for her. It took her twenty one days in total to make, and may I just say; this is an incredible piece of art. The letters don't truly have a Mario theme. But the design of Mario seems to be taken from Small Mario in NSMBU or Super Mario 3D World. Though NSMBU seems more likely.

"When I went to Columbia for winter break I saw my tia (That's "aunt" in Spanish) that only knows spanish. She helped me speak Spanish because I only knew a little Spanish, and I helped her speak English. The day after Christmas she got a Mario picture from a printer and she was making a sign for me. It took her 21 days to finish it! When she finished making the sign she slept for 9 hours! So, the day she finished I barely saw her all day."~ (Camilio) Secured quote, acquired by The Happiest Kid.

Thanks for sharing, Camilio. Originally found on Mario Amino

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