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Mario.. In-Human!? Nah

Mario In-Human!? No..

Theory Busting with Mario-Time
“It’s a thought that’s crossed my mind on several occasions. If Super Mario is an Italian plumber, then where in relation to the Mushroom Kingdom is Italy? If I took out a globe could you show me? Could you trace your finger between the two?” ~(ZACK KOTZER, writer)

“Seriously?! Italy, and The Mushroom Kingdom, just because he’s an Italian plumber. Yeah, also originally told to Charles Martinet (as he states practically every time he’s interviewed) that he’s from Brooklyn. Back then (when he was auditioning for Super Mario 64) They had the original four games and horrible Super Show (sorry if you liked it, no offense) to go off of, in Mario’s history. So the people hosting the audition told him the generic story of the character he was portraying, however. Miyamoto would make sure that his character was voiced by the correct man for the job. I’m sure.”
“Eventually, Nintendo called me up and said, 'Mr Miyamoto would like you to play the voice of Mario in a new game', which was Mario 64.”~(Charles Martinet in an interview with BBC)

“Miyamoto wouldn’t simply approve them telling a bogus story to the future voice of Mario, that just doesn’t make any sense. So it’s confirmed, Mario is Italian from Brooklyn. But why would there have to be an Italian connection to The Mushroom Kingdom? Exactly.. It’s a game, there doesn’t have to be any. But let’s go on and entertain this theory some more.”~AR-Cade

“ Mario not human? His features don’t quite match up with the harsher faces of the humans; he’s way more cartoony. If Mario isn’t human...what is he?”~(Patricia Hernandez on

“While the game lineup for the Nintendo Switch’s launch is a little slim, the year ahead is made up of some big swingers. A new, expansive Zelda, a swift follow-up to Splatoon, and a brand new Super Mario Odyssey. Odyssey will take Mario to worlds outside the Mushroom Kingdom, including a misty forest and a desert villa. But none are disturbing as “New Donk City,” a Sesame Street style reduction of New York City. New Donk City, you see, is full of humans. Plain-clothed, everyday humans. And they look nothing like Mario. That is painfully clear when you see Mario walk next to them:”

“Did you listen to anything the trailer said, bud? Not to be rude.. But you’re so not paying attention. Those guys may not even be real people. They’re not on EARTH (as far as we know), unless it’s some weird futuristic world Mario’s returned to. He’s not going through Worlds like in Galaxy, he’s exploring a whole planet! In This Video from GameXplain and Nintendo Everything, Nintendo reportedly states that Mario travels around a certain Earth, but that Earth is not our own. He’s going to different lands on a planet, there’s a globe in the title card. Dude, just think before you assume something.” ~(AR-Cade) Sorry;

“Those conventional humans, are a sharp contrast to Super Mario, who is a pudgy red firecracker of color who can’t be bigger than a Cabbage Patch Doll and can stand comfortably atop a streetlight. Prior to this upsetting revelation, we were left to imagine what Mario's home world looked like based on evidence in the games. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and other humanoid-seeming beings all share a certain body type, so one could assume that people from Italy, Brooklyn, or wherever Mario came from, looked approximately the same. We could assume their odd bodies were just a stylistic choice Nintendo made. Now it is clear that this is not the case. Mario and his better-looking brother Luigi are aberrations.”~(The Continued Theory)

“Again, Who’s to say they are real humans!? Aliens have looked like Humans in Sci-Fi before. The world he’s in has living Fork things and Water pots with robotic parts on them.  So, in a world of living forks and desert lions made of stone that you can ride, what makes these so called humans, have to be real humans? For one thing, as stated, they’re in a fictional city (most likely modeled after New York) called New Donk City (many references to Donkey Kong here). But nothing is telling me that these oddly dressed people are actual humans. In fact, humans in real life usually all have visual differences that set each of them apart from one another. I understand it’s a game, so they reused a character model over and over. However, in Super Mario Sunshine, Piantas all had different colors and looks, some were reused and colored differently. Others were generic, also. But they showed visible differences. In this game, you can see Male and Female people, in colorless suits/outfits, with either Black or Caucasian skin coloring. I don’t see how their resemblance to humans automatically makes them human. This is what I find most irritating on this theory, it’s all assumptions. It seems like it’s almost entirely BASED on assumptions.” ~(AR-Cade)

“Is Mario an offshoot? A Mushroom Kingdom splinter of evolution? Are there detrimental side effects to living in the fantasy world for prolonged spans of time? Is his entire origin story a lie he told Princess Peach? And who is this royal lineage of humanoids making subjects out of the simple Toads, who can be found as messengers, servants, and shopkeepers (though recent endeavors into “archeology”promises there is at least some class mobility among the entire species).”~(More of the theory)

“No. Mario’s a human. As far as we know, Mario, Peach and Luigi (not completely excluding Mario and Luigi’s bad doppelgangers). Calling the world within a fictitious universe; a fantasy world, seems strange to me also. It’s fake to us, but not to them. I do agree that as a human there could be side effects to living in The Mushroom Kingdom. But that’s also thinking a bit realistically. This is a game, they don’t have to follow the laws of book-series or film continuity. We’re lucky to have any continuity at all.
Apparently the most likely assumption is that Peach was born into power, and Toads are her loyal subjects by choice. Seeing as how it would go against her tender hearted character persona to MAKE anything obey her. That wouldn’t make any sense. Now.. For the final bit of Theory Destruction..”~(AR-Cade)

“Mario has had a human job (plumber) at least since since ‘83 in our timeline, though he attempted a multitude of other careers over the years. Mario has hair, as Odyssey shows us clearly. He certainly doesn't appear to be a fungus from the Mushroom Kingdom, like Toad, who's as rubbery and nude as a sphinx cat. In Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, players escorted an infant Mario, interc--”~(Cut off from theory)

“Whoa whoa whoa, let me stop you right there. I’ve been argued with many times about the Mario game timeline and I know that those two things don’t line up. What do you think you’re doing!? Yoshi’s Island, is a spin-off game series. In the original story Mario isn’t even an infant in The Mushroom Kingdom or other. The fact is, Nintendo isn’t connecting every single Mario based game together. Otherwise Baby Mario wouldn't be racing alongside adult Super Mario and Metal mario in Mario Kart 8. Or the upcoming 8 Deluxe game. Here I must say, you’ve been beaten. The timelines may connect for you, but in reality they just do not fit together. The 3D series can connect. The NSMB series can too, it’s what’s canon and what isn’t. Does that mean the real Mario hasn’t raced or been a doctor? Not in the main series adventures, no. But Mario has had those careers in other games. That’s just it, we can say Mario’s done those things because he has, but you’ve gotta see where games differentiate and don’t line up.
Mario Kart and Dr. Mario exist, so does SSB and Galaxy. Are they connected? Yes, through developers and designers and what-not. Chronologically however, no. That’s not the case. Don’t over think it. It's a game. If the fact that Mario looks different than the people on this new world upsets you, then you’re not paying attention. Zack continues to talk on the SMB cartoons where Mario was portrayed as human and the spin-off games where he meets up with Sonic for the olympics.. Then he states the following:
“So it’s fair to assume those games exist in a pocket of pure chaos.”
“He’s referring to the Olympics and Mario’s Time Machine & Mario is Missing. Games that weren’t even made by Nintendo. All the Olympic Sonic/Mario games were made by SEGA. And The two Mario learning games were made by The Software Toolworks & Radical Entertainment. Not to mention people hate those games. Next thing he’s going to try and add to continuity is Mario’s Hotel, JK, give me a break!”~(AR-Cade)

“I always assumed it was cartoon-land logic that excused Mario from some scientific principles. For example, Super Mario Galaxy showed us that Mario can breathe in the vacuum of space, but still succumb to suffocation underwater. Mario’s main source of income and upgrades comes from smacking his soft head against metal boxes and piles of bricks, which would have turned the normal human’s brains into mush through repeated concussion.”~(The continued theory)

“Why oh why do I bother to go on. Did this guy research anything before making this article? Zack states here; “ Mario’s main source of income and upgrades comes from smacking his soft head against metal boxes and piles of bricks, which would have turned the normal human’s brains into mush through repeated concussion” Yet Miyamoto told us in the 30th Anniversary Q&A video that he breaks bricks with his fist. Mario has superhuman strength; which I believe is a result of his stay in The Mushroom Kingdom, regardless he’s strong. So this man is currently uneducated in Mario facts, when the guy who made Mario once again proved him wrong. Not to mention I’m pretty sure the Luma helped Mario survive in Space. Ya’ remember the one under his cap? “Then again, Mario’s only capable of stringing four words together at a time, though now it isn't clear if this is due to brain damage, or that this creature, whatever it is, simply can't wield complex language.” ~(Zack).
Mario’s vocals are recorded this way, probably to keep things simple. I’d hardly assume Mario was incapable of saying more than four words at a time, just because his vocals are this way. I present to you, the ending of this nightmare-ish post: “It’s clear now, more than ever, that after a lifetime of Mario there’s still a lot we don’t know about him it.
What's most distressing about this news is that if Mario is not of Italian descent, then what is that a-patronizing voice he’s been a-subjecting us to for years? Mario is not human, and Mario is a-hiding something.

All that said, Super Mario Odyssey looks really fun and I want to play it as soon as possible. We have reached out to Nintendo for comment, but it did not respond in time for publication.” To be brutally honest.. They probably thought you were crazy. I mean I think everyone thought it was strange to see Mario around normal looking people, but you bub, you take it to a whole new level of weird. This is not an attack, this is a response to the content. Next time please rely on fact more than opinion and assumption. I agree that there are mysteries in Mario games. And what makes you think he’s not Italian, exactly? Plus Charles Martient’s voice acting is flawless as Mario & Luigi, ETC. All-in-all I’m thrilled you’re looking forward to Odyssey. So are we. But your view on the universe of Mario seems distorted, please learn the facts before making such a detailed post. Because I’m positive that what we say here can completely dismiss this theory all together. To conclude this wonderful Theory Bashing, I’ve brought in a few team members to talk on what I may have missed and what they see in this theory (which isn’t stated as a theory but isn’t fact-based so is to be treated as such). Take it away guys..”~(AR-Cade)

“I do agree with this theory about the whole fact that the Mario series can get a bit hectic, but I don't really question it cause’... well it's a video game.  It's like the Universe. Who knows what's out there, and do we care?  Well, yes (Lol), but that's not the point.  The point is that whatever's out there doesn't have to make sense.  I mean, we've believed in aliens for how long?  So, if someone holds you back on an idea don't worry about it.  It's your idea, you should appreciate it. ~(The Happiest Kid) | P.S., Wow… that's deep.

“Mario is definitely a human. It has always been stated officially by Nintendo that Mario is indeed a human and it even says so on the Mario Wiki. As earlier mentioned to us by Nintendo, in Mario Odyssey, Mario is leaving the Mushroom Kingdom to reach an unknown world. Maybe this could just mean that he is exploring a new universe or a new dimension? It doesn't have to mean that he is going "back" to the real world.

The locations shown in the trailer were extremely different from each other which most likely indicates that the world that Mario visits will have locations with heavy contrasts. It is not our typical "earth". It's New Donk City for WAHs sake!

We have even seen humans in previous Mario games such as Mario Golf for the Gameboy Advance, il Piantissimo from Super Mario Sunshine and even the Miis! The Mario universe is an extremely crazy place, but that doesn't stop our lovable hero from being the same species as we are!” ~(Darth Wario)

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