Saturday, January 7, 2017

Caption This! Plushie Mario Old School

HERE WE GO! Another game!

Hey fellow Mario Fanatics, It'sa me, The Mario AR-Cade.
Don't get the wrong idea by that strange intro, this is a caption contest. Not a new Mario game. Sorry to bum you out. I know, I wish it was a new Mario game as well. Anyways HERE on Mario Amino, our friends had one job. Caption the Plush Mario image in this article.

Our Caption: "Keepin it Rehl! Gamin old school."

3rd Place:

"You thought you were cool until you realized that shades are a 19's thing"
~ (Ben Waluigi)

2nd Place:

"Splatoon made me rage quit"~

1st Place:

"When you're so tired of your games that you have to play Atari"
~ (The Happiest Kid)

Yet another winner from our own staff. This feels wrong. I got it.. The runner up is.. 🎵*Drum Roll!!*🎶 Faris:

"Savage, Best caption ever" ~ (Faris)

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