Friday, March 4, 2016

Nintendo Direct Mario-Time-Recap

Here We Go!!

OK, so Mario didn't have a whole lot to mention from this direct, except that Nintendo's reconfirmed the release of Mario & Sonic at The Rio Olympics. A new game is Paper Mario Color Splash (taking ideas from Super Mario Sunshine for splattering paint instead of washing it away) for the Wii U, but that's a spin-off compared to Super Mario Maker!

 Super Mario Maker is getting a new update!! It's getting those piston things with spikes on them and keys/ key doors that allow the maker of the level make it mandatory to beat boss battles. Now I can force players to beat my mini-boss stages!!

 Mini Mario & Friends Amiibo Challenge is now confirmed for the 3DS console, purchase an amiibo from Gamestop on March 25th and get a free download of the game! And now, big news, Super Nintendo games are now on the New 3DS consoles!!

 Yes, now the epic Super Mario World game is available for download on the New 3DS for 7.99, as an added bonus they've given the SNES games this thing they call "Perfect Pixels" for higher quality visuals!

No word on a Super Mario app, but Miitomo and My Nintendo has also been re-clarified that both will be out this month, together, at the same time.

Remember, Mario-Time-all-the-time

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