Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mini Deals

Here We Go!!

OK, so earlier on somewhere people were given early access to Mini Mario and Friends amiibo Challenge for WiiU and 3DS if they purchased an amiibo at participating Gamestop locations, now according to Nintendo is allowing ANYONE to download it free on April 28th. No offense to Nintendo, but why is it FREE if we had to buy an amiibo to get it previously? What kind of promo is that!? I just think that was awful, so many had to try and get it from codes their friends got on Facebook because they couldn't afford additional amiibo at the time, and now the game will be FREE to download. INCREDIBLE. However, the game does force you to have amiibo to use it so it utilizes amiibo quite well, I own it and have enjoyed it so far.

 Remember, Mario-Time-all-the-time

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