Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mario's a numero UNO!

Here We Go!!

Strangely, in Italian and Spanish; "Numero Uno" means number one. Coincidentally when you win in specific Mario games Mario will say "Mario's number one!" Well today I'm talking about a different kind of "UNO". A card game that has killed relationships, ended friendships, has made everyone at one point feel victorious and also come closer as a family. Super Mario has already once before had an UNO game, it was Super Mario 64 UNO and it is now a collectible item, which means as a collector no matter how much you wanna play with it you just can't open it because it would RUIN it!! You get me, right? Anyways, now (reportedly) Nintendo and Mattel are teaming up to bring out a modern Super Mario UNO game, Sad thing is, so far it seems to only be coming out in Japan and outside the U.S. So don't get your hopes up (although I know you will) but it may someday soon be coming to USA Shores.


 Remember, Mario-Time-all-the-time

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