Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mario E3 recap

Here We Go!!
Sorry I've been so silent lately Mario Fanatics, Life has taken priority. So until further notice I will not be uploading any YouTube videos on a regular basis from AR-Cade/Mario-Time-News.
Right now, just a recap from E3 regarding Mario.

So far I mostly have some Twitter posts and speculation. Which is very disappointing, we'd better have more Mario soon because Nintendo is letting me down severely.

The above Tweet is all the new amiibo added to the Super Mario Line. This is the first Waluigi amiibo ever made. Fans will be thrilled that he's finally come into play. Amiibo Hunters will definitely be on the hunt for them very soon. Many have said pre-orders for the amiibo are already up on Best buy and other sites like Amazon as well. They'll all be out on November 4th of this year.

Miyamoto shared the new Vans Mario shoes on Twitter from E3 this week as well.

A new Mario Party game has been announced, I know right!? Another one. But this time around the game mechanics and style has been completely changed, I'm hoping it's a cheap downloadable 3DS title but I highly doubt that. Looks awesome though.

That's all for now
 Remember, Mario-Time-all-the-time

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