Friday, October 28, 2016

Mario Kart 8 Best selling Wii U Game In History

Mario Kart 8 (previously reported by Wii U Daily) Has now sold 8 Million Units, making it now the best selling Wii U game in history!! Of Course, Mario's number one, but hey to be fair he's always been leading the race.


Super Mario How Nintendo Conquered America (Harsh Review)

Labeled Harsh. I may be partial but I speak the truth. Sorry guys, this review is a negative one, spoiler alert. Here we go:

Run Mario, Run! (available soon in 150 countries around the world)

Now Super Mario Run will be available in 150 countries around the world after release in December.  Nintendo recently had a financial presentation that shared the game will be expanding it's release area from the previously announced 100 countries to

Charles Martinet Former Voice of Mario

Hold on, hold on. Stop panicking and breathe. It's totally not true. Charles's Facebook page encountered an error yesterday (10/27/16) saying that he was formerly the voice of Super Mario.
 I'm sure all Mario fanatics can agree that Mario would never be the same again without his voice.
Good thing Charles confirmed later on that the Facebook mishap was indeed an error and wasn't his retirement from the role at all. Wahoo! It's always Mario Time for Charles! And we're certainly happy that he is continuing and that this was all a horrible mistake.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Mario Badges in Japan. 10/27/16

New Super Mario Badges Badge Arcade UPDATE

If you want some new Mario badges for your 3DS home Screen then now is the time to get em'. That is, if you live in Japan. Of course, these reportedly coming to Japan usually insinuates that they're on their way to the Americas. Today 10/27/2016 New Mario badges are being added according to Japanese Nintendo on Tumblr. These Badges seem to be mixed-matched, from various games. Probably because of Super Mario Maker on the 3DS. 
"7 panels of new Super Mario Maker badges"~ JP Nintendo.

Flag Poll Glitching to victory

The flag poll glitch (not the one where you jump over the flag poll) in SMB is used to shave a few seconds off of your time in every course. Now people are using this glitch to constantly claim the mantle of World Record holders..

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Donkey Kong Game Boy Review

It's Donkey Kong, not for the Arcade or the NES. And this definitely isn't the NES Classics version for GBA , no this is Miyamoto's new and improved Donkey Kong game for the Gameboy that also has amazing colors added to it when played on the Game Boy Color, GBA or Super Game Boy on SNES. 

Boo! New amiibo ad

Nintendo made a new ad where Mario is spooked by a Boo while on a PC laptop for Play Nintendo on YouTube. This ad shows us the big feature of the Boo amiibo is that it can glow in the dark. (crying I want it so badly right now) These amiibo and Mario Party Star Rush will be out on November 4th. If you'd like to see the trailer, it's right here:

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mario 64's Hidden noncollectable coin

Ok, so.. This hacker on YouTube found a coin in Super Mario 64 that's impossible to collect. To save you the trouble of watching the video I will summarize.

Monday, October 24, 2016

By Mario's Mustache!! That's Hairy

Super Mario Hair!

Super Mario's been on just about everything someone can wear at one point or another. I'm wearing Luigi socks at the time of making this article.. Continuing on subject; Mario's been on night pants, shirts, hats, socks, dog tags, lanyards and even fan made products like jewelry. But now Mario's been dyed onto hair! This is semi strange yet also semi cool, how someone was able to make such a thing happen. The people behind this new trending look is:
xpresioncreativos on Instagram. X-presion's new look has been

Super Mario World New3DSXL

Nintendo has an Amazon Exclusive New 3DS XL Console now. They re-tweeted it on the 21st of October 2016 themselves. Why it's Amazon Exclusive, I have absolutely no idea. 

*Update 10/26/16* Nintendo Hosts a Mario Party

Nintendo hosted a Mario Party Star Rush game event at Starlight Children's foundation. Many dressed up as Mario or Luigi. As you can see in the pictures; they had large monitors that could display their 3DS screens as well. GoNintendo found these images via: Business Wire and Nintendo of America's Press Room. Upon investigation I couldn't find the information myself in Nintendo's Press Room. But this has been shared many places lately so I'm still publishing this as news. Starlight Children's Foundation is a nonprofit organization seeking to make Children's and chronically ill teens hospital experiences better, thus making Nintendo's involvement in their Dream event much sweeter than just for publicity. *Update: This is now confirmed to be on Nintendo's Press Release website. Found via Mario-Time's account on Nintendo's Press Room.*

Saturday, October 22, 2016

IGN Japan Miyamoto Talkin Donkey Kong

Miyamoto recently had an interview with IGN of Japan and I guess he shared some secrets about his first game (Donkey Kong) . Like, how they were going to use vocals for Pauline but couldn't, they had to use sound effects where "Help, Help! Sounded like "Kelp, Kelp!" And confirmed that Mario's first name was Mr. Video before it was Jump Man. Honestly, the majority of this was already known, but there are a few tid-bits of new info.. I suppose.
You can read the full findings on IGN. At the SOURCE.

Nintendo Minute's Mushroom Kingdom Debate

The hosts of the Nintendo Minute show have put themselves in the mushroom kingdom, pretending. Talking about fictional things seriously. This is sorta funny but there wasn't much point to this. Although it seems the reason for it was obviously the presidential debate. With Kristy attempting to pretend to be Princess Peach (I think) Anyways. Enjoy!

Mario Meme Time Set 1

Thursday, October 20, 2016

What's NXt Mario?

Here We Go!!
The NX console was just revealed & it's name is The Nintendo Switch! The console appears to be both portable and stationary according to the video shown in this article. Many theories and speculations have now been confirmed!!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hallmark Mario

Last year Mario got ornaments for the 30th anniversary, and now Super Mario is getting ornaments officially from the one and only Hallmark. It's not confirmed for this Christmas season as the facebook post from Hallmark did not specify, however it is a 2017 preview so the ornaments may not be released until next year. Sadly that's probably what will happen. Still this news is shockingly awesome for me, so what're your thoughts? Could they've been a bit more creative with them? Perhaps, yes.. But I'll still hang em on my tree. Merry Christmoose!! Too soon,
 Remember, Mario-Time-all-the-time

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mario Runs to Android

Yahoo! A Miyamoto Mario Run interview

Yahoo News had an interview with the creator of Super Mario: Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto. The interview was in regards to Nintendo’s new mobile game Super Mario Run. Miyamoto told them that the game’s origin started when former Nintendo president Iwata was still alive.