Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Donkey Kong Game Boy Review

It's Donkey Kong, not for the Arcade or the NES. And this definitely isn't the NES Classics version for GBA , no this is Miyamoto's new and improved Donkey Kong game for the Gameboy that also has amazing colors added to it when played on the Game Boy Color, GBA or Super Game Boy on SNES. 

 I'm-a-gonna' list the positives and the negatives and give my overall(s) opinion on this game (*Gasp!* an opinion on the internet!). Before I do, here's some basic facts to get you caught up. This game was made by Miyamoto and combines both the original DK game with DK Junior (Which I believe to be the inspiration for Bowser JR). The game is not the two original games but instead has all new levels with gameplay from both original games. This game is technically a Donkey Kong Sequel and a Mario VS Donkey Kong series prequel. Also, DK is occasionally portrayed as a villain but Nintendo Power explained this showing him to be a misguided ape acting on animal instinct by taking and protecting what he fell in love with (Pauline, Mario's old girlfriend), Donkey's name literally means "Stubborn ape" Now, for the review *DRUM ROLL!*


  • Many fun and addictive puzzling levels in this nostalgic adventure.
  • It feels less like a Donkey Kong game and more like a Mario game, but still keeps the original feel of the original game, it even keeps the sound the game makes when Mario jumps over a barrel.
  • The game has SAVE files
  • It doesn't just END at the end of the game, sorry; no spoilers here. All you have to know is that it ends peacefully.
  • The humors cut-scenes were a nice touch


  • Dokey Kong JR, this being a negative is more due to my opinion than fact, I just didn't like the original  DK JR. Arcade game making Mario a villain, and Miyamoto knew that game didn't go over well because of the role reversal, so he made sure never to let Mario play the role of a villain again.
  • Some levels were almost too easy, but the game more than made up for this later by providing more of a challenge later on.
  • The music was pretty good but not as catchy or enjoyable as Koji Kondo's music. This soundtrack was made by Taisuke Araki
  • The original Donkey Kong game was Super Mario's first game, it would've been Radar Scope without Miyamoto, Gunpei Yokoi  and a bunch of Arcade conversion kits. 
  • It seems this is the only game Taisuke Araki made music for.

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