Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mario 64's Hidden noncollectable coin

Ok, so.. This hacker on YouTube found a coin in Super Mario 64 that's impossible to collect. To save you the trouble of watching the video I will summarize.

The hacker is UncommentatedPannen, He recently made a 3 minute video talking about how characters in Super Mario 64 Blink. He's made a video showing how Koopa The Quick can be manipulated too. Anyways...

He knows that coins in SM64 appear in a straight line in sets of five or more, one line on a hill has only four. The reason for this is the coin spawn point is underground. So when he brings the fifth coin into the game it's underground partially and you cannot get to it..  Anyways here's the link because I know you'll watch the video anyways.

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