Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mario Kart Garage

Here We Go!!

It's-a-Mario-Time! HarmarFan on Talk amongst yourselves made a toy garage for his son based off of Mario Kart. To me, its most amazing feature is the Mario sign of him carrying the tire. It looks as though he bought it, but I've never seen anything like it.  Other than in the game of course. This garage is quite impressive, it was a gift for his son on Christmas 2015.
"I’m so pleased with the final result I can’t even tell you! I’m so relived that it all came together in the end as well. As you can see the finished garage is pretty close to my initial design and I’ve managed to include all of the different elements I originally planned for in some way."~HarmarFan

To see it all, please visit the source below.


 Remember, Mario-Time-all-the-time

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