Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mario's Happy Home

Here We Go!!

Okie-Dokie, so you may or may not have already known this but Louie is an ape that brings in Super Mario content to Animal Crossing Happy Home designer via WiFi . However it was for the 30th anniversary and it's now unavailable. The Pro Nintendo Store DLC is the current FREE DLC and it will be available until the 12th of January.

Nintendo of Japan shared on Twitter that they've updated their Happy Home Designer website saying that the SMB 30th anniversary DLC will be out again on January 5th in Japan.
"We've updated the page of "Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer". This article contains information about the re-distribution of "Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Items"
This is probably for those who got the game for Christmas. I can't be positive but the DLC for Mario's 30th anniversary may come back out in the Americas shortly after January 12th.
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