Monday, December 14, 2015

MarioMonday 12/14/15

Here We Go!! Happy MarioMonday, This Mario Monday we're thinking about Christmas!

If you want those Super Mario Bros Christmas badges from the Nintendo Badge Arcade, then today is your last chance. They'll most-likely make a comeback eventually, but probably not before next Christmas.

Fan made:

found on Pinterest 
This Perler Bead Tree was found on Pinterest and features a Super Mario star, here's our TREE.

Featured Super Mario Maker Courses:

This week we have one new Winter themed course for everyone, For all of our featured Super Mario Maker Courses please visit Mario-Time-World and scroll down towards the bottom of that site.

ID: 730C-0000-0111-4ED9
snowboard in the alpine village uses various Super Mario elements to represent snow, it was submitted as a Christmas course but it's clearly just winter themed. There's a lot of different elements you have to rely on to finish this course, including picking up a boot from a Goomba to cross spiky ground. I also really like the amount of detail that was put into making the village homes.
See you next MarioMonday, Merry Christmoose!!
 Remember, Mario-Time-all-the-time

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