Monday, December 21, 2015

Mario Monday: Merry Christmoose! (12-21-15)

Here We Go!!
It's the week of Christmas, Mama-Mia! We're-a so excited! I bet you can't wait to wake up in your Mario Night pants, run down to the Christmas Tree (or up), Open up your Mario presents and play video games all day. Or is that just me?

Super Mario Maker:

Anyways, it's the MarioMonday before Christmas so we've got some final Christmas things to share with everyone today. First of all we have this week's Super Mario Maker Course, featured on Mario-Time-World. It's called "Icy Snow Land"

The Maker of this course got it to look like Snow was falling from the sky; AND made a Christmas tree out of Super Mario elements, Ground, Spike Tops, Star Man, vines, and ice. I was thoroughly impressed with the creativity and obvious love of Christmas.

Fan Made:

These perler Bead Super Mario Maker Costumes are like taking the sprites right out of the game, found here. Awesome!

Retro look-back:

This Super Mario Galaxy Christmas Stocking came out in 2007, it has two different variants, Black & Red. IMO, the Black looks best. According to VGMM, they are very rare

 Remember, Mario-Time-all-the-time. Merry Christmoose!

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