Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Super Mario Maker Update 12-21/22-15

Here We Go!!

OK, this is for real. Mama-Mia, We've reported lies. We were misinformed, the press site for Nintendo said that the latest Super Mario Maker update and the portal site; would both be out on December 21st but everywhere else (including Mario's Facebook page) said the 22nd of December for both the update and portal site.

 Honestly, we feel awful for sending out the wrong information, apparently the new update is supposed to be out today, with the portal site. If so, we will review both the update and the portal site. As well as release a Christmas themed course after the review. But for the America's press site to make such a fumble is annoying for us reporters, we only want to get out the TRUE information.
The update IS now available, as well as SUPER MARIO MAKER BOOKMARK (the portal site).
Our review on these new things will be out shortly. We've been informed through Facebook that the update could've been out late last night/early this morning. But it's still incorrect for Nintendo's Press Room to show the release date as December 21st.

Remember, Mario-Time-all-the-time

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