Monday, December 28, 2015

#MarioMonday 12/28/15

Here We Go!!

Man, that was an amazing Christmas. Mario-Time took some time off for the Holiday but we're back and ready to get sharing. Another thing, we'v gotten more games to review thanks to Christmas so we should be putting out new reviews soon. AR-Cade will also be sharing his yearly Christmas haul on Mario-Time-World, Now, for our weekly featured Super Mario Maker Course.

This week it's all about the mountains, We got two course submissions from two different Mario Makers around the same time. The first mountain was easiest and most enjoyable so that's the one we're sharing today.
Course ID: 60F1-0000-0129-B381
Mario's High Altitude A dventures is interesting and exciting. They're are secrets in this course, challenges that offer puzzling ways to reach the goal and it does feel like adventures at high altitudes, with the ship theme, the mountain and platforms in the clouds. This course is worth checking out.


Name one power-up from SMB that has had a name change past the first game, no cheaters. Don't you go and look it up.
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