Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Best Game Ever

Here We Go!!

GameFAQs is holding a BEST. GAME. EVER. Contest to decide for 2015 what is the BEST GAME EVER. Surprisingly it appears Super Mario hasn't won yet, so people on Reddit are telling the world to vote for Super Mario World. Good choice, this was my first Mario game and it's awesome. The Winner of this popularity contest gets loads of gaming stuff in a huge bundle, or gift certificates to make his/her own bundle. Super Mario World is in Today's round and deserves a win.

Beginning on our 20th birthday, November 5th, we'll pit 128 of the best games ever created against each other in 1-on-1 battles (up to 4 a day, running simultaneously), and let you, the users of GameFAQs, determine the winner.
If you think you know how it will all turn out, then you can win fame, prizes, or both. For each of the 127 battles, tell us who you think will win, filling out your bracket in an attempt to match what the site's users will pick each day. The stakes get higher each round of the contest, and picking the final winner is worth just as much as picking the entire first round correctly. The games have been seeded by a combination of user nominations, popularity on GameFAQs, and critical and user game ratings, but don't forget: This is not a contest to see which game is your favorite, or even which one is the best rated. It's all a big popularity contest, and visitors who have never visited GameFAQs before will be sure to stop in and vote. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the top prize is a $2000 gaming bundle, with a PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, and a Vita, or you can just take it all in gift certificates and build your own bundle. There are more consoles and gift certificates for finishing in the top 10, and 20 randomly chosen winners will get a $20 gift certificate just for trying it out. So, how well do you know your fellow GameFAQs users? Will people vote for their favorite, or what they think is actually the better game? Do those classic games still hold up today, or will more modern games take the stage? Will outside forces rally around an upstart, or will they not care enough to bother? Entries are now closed, and the voting is underway. You can read the full rules and regulations here, view the current voting and bracket here, and check your entry here. Good luck!~GameFAQs 

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