Monday, December 7, 2015

Minecraft. Wii U. Mario?

Here We Go!!
Mario in Minecraft, old news right? Wrong! Now it's confirmed that Minecraft is coming to the Wii U, what's more, Nintendo will be WORKING with Mojang to bring official Nintendo + Minecraft content for the game. Mario will be in Minecraft officially!! At least that's what it sounds like, nothing is confirmed about that. This announcement must've been made on the Nintendo UK press site because for North America I haven't found anything yet. But according to Minecraft Wii U Edition will be out December 17th. Mama-Mia that's not long from now, I'm excited to see what this partnership of Nintendo and Minecraft/Microsoft will bring to the Wii U. Really (IMO) this game should've been on Wii U from the start.
Update: The USA/NA Nintendo Press release website announced Minecraft on Wii U today later on, possible around 3:00 PM EST. It will be out in NA as well on December 17th.

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