Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mario on PC.

Here We Go!!

What is this picture (shown above) of? If you glance at it quickly you'd probably assume it's Super Mario Bros 3.
Well it's not. John Romero (CEO of ID Software) shared this on Twitter claiming it was their companies demo of SMB 3 for PC. Back when they weren't ID Software, they were IFTD  (Ideas From The Deep), they pitched this PC port to Nintendo and Nintendo declined. Nintendo is wise to stick with what they do best and not try to branch off and out too far. Consoles is their home base and they need to stay there for all their loyal fans. But that's not the point. Romero shared on Twitter that ID Software has always revered Nintendo for being the one's that saved the Gaming industry in 1985. RESPECT. And to prove it, he shared this demo video on Vimeo of their tribute

"id Software has always revered Nintendo. Their game designs were extremely influential and they saved the industry in 1985."~ John Romero
 Remember, Mario-Time-all-the-time

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