Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Super Mario ReMaker

Here We Go!!

A fellow Super Mario Fan going by the alias of LuNiney on YouTube has put out a demo of a project he's working on called "Super Mario ReMaker". It only has the SMB (1) game style and copies various elements from from Super Mario Maker as well as adds some new elements; not found in Super Mario Maker. This game is listed on his site as a Fan-Game. These form of projects are usually not for copying complete games, he's also stated he also doesn't want to add any more themes to it than the SMB theme it already has in it. It looks like, if he doesn't go and charge for this game then it's perfectly legal for him to make it. Furthermore he listed all of the materials used as copyrighted by Nintendo. If it's free, his own fan-made thing and doesn't contain all of what is in Mario Maker... Go for it. Here's the first look at the fan-made game, Super Mario ReMaker:

  Remember, Mario-Time-all-the-time

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