Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mysterious Mario Maker update

Here We Go!!

Today Super Mario Maker got an unannounced update. We're not quite sure how it affects the game. in fact, nobody really knows. This is what makes it mysterious. We have no idea what it does.
When starting the game today (December 29th) you should be prompted to download the latest update if you're connected to the internet. it then will download automatically.

 Remember, Mario-Time-all-the-time


  1. They did something with chompers, I had a non-essential element where the chompers would fall, bounce off strategically placed tramps, and then stack like a cup pyramid, but they will no longer stay in place after the update. What happens is that the two chompers that ended their movement on a half tile would snap into place on a whole tile.

    1. I see, thank you. Then there could've been bugs or glitches removed in this update. Clearly your course was constructed using a form of glitch that when removed doesn't work the same way anymore